Women in Cyber

Those that know me in person, know that getting and keeping women in the cyber security field is a big deal for me.

It may not be politically correct of me to say this but, it is my truth… Women and men think differently. I think we all know it but do not feel permitted to say it. I am not saying that either is superior, just different.

Instead of spending energy pretending that we are all equal and the same, let us embrace the difference and leverage it to our advantage.

Women are better at planning things for a long term. Want evidence? Ask a ten year old boy to describe his wedding day, then ask a ten year old girl. Who had details? who said eww girls have cooties?

I am not saying that men suck, I am saying that we think differently. Given a math problem, the two may take very different routes to come to the same correct conclusion. It is that difference that matters.

If we support girls in technology and change the view that smart girls are less attractive (we all know that Velma was a closet hottie as well as the real success on the team), we may get some wonderful results. We could see a migration of girls taking more interest in a male field.

Once we have the ladies on the same playing field, we cannot help but start viewing the threats against our system from new perspectives. In my day job, I am blessed to be on a team with a slight female dominance, and each of their minds are amazing. Those more junior to the team are learning at a fantastic rate and those more senior to the team are spectacular mentors for all of us. (They will know who I mean if they ready this and I am proud to stand with them.)

With all of this in mind, I will be adding pages that lift the girls and ladies so that they may join what used to be a boys club and shake up the paradigms. I want to help bring light to those that are perhaps in one of the most important professional endeavors of our era.

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