Thoughts on Family Emergency Plans

This is a collection of thoughts and they will be fragments for the moment and when there are enough, I will get them more organized and fully fleshed out.

Kids, many of us have them. In my case they are grown, but the plans can fit in well with them also. If you are a parent, you know that you continue to worry for them regardless of how many years ago that they left the nest. So, if you work with your kids on their plans, you may get some overlap with them for ease of mind.

Family passwords – Make sure that you and your kids create a password or passphrase that is memorable. If you have to send someone to get another family member, give them that password/passphrase so that there is no question that they may go with your representative. Obviously, you want to send someone that the family knows already, but even then… be safe, not sorry.

Family meetup location – If there is some form of emergency, where will you gather if home is not the safe place that you are used to? Find a place that is easy to get to, and is likely to be safe. Perhaps there is a shopping mall that is easy to get to. they tend to have large parking lots, often there are trees. So maybe under a big tree in the southeast lot at XYZ Mall. use your imagination and be sure to consider the limitations that your family members may have.

Do you have items to add? drop a comment and I will get it added into the collection.